Alkaline Heaters

Alkaline Heaters

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Alkaline Heaters are designed from titanium sheathing as well as high- grade S.S-304 and S.S-316 for providing reliable heating solutions. These heaters are designed and covered with lead pipe for providing even and uniform heat to electric plating baths. They are widely used in different sectors from detergents, chemicals, food processing to others. They ensure to provide the best results with durable designs, minimum maintenance and power-saving features.

Features of Alkaline Heaters:

  • High durability
  • Uniform heating
  • Optimum strength
  • Electrically insulated

Application of Alkaline Heaters:

  • Chromic phosphoric
  • Electroplating solution
  • Heating water, alkali solutions, wax, fuel oil or mineral oils
  • Picking, rinsing as well as quenching solution
  • Solvent vapors cleaning